Geo Target Lead subscription Life package

Geo Target Lead subscription Life package

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Activate INS Media Group Target Marketing Solution on major media channel, in mobile advertising platform.
This product is designed for Mobile Target Marketing. 

* Initial default Ad is included in subscriptions other ad templates must be purchased separately.  The onetime fee covers your initial ad set up.

Geo Target Advertising is designed to reach your audience based on where they are and where they have been in order to drive real visits to your business.

Dynamic optimized Media tactics toward store and MLS, open house listings and visitation, with secondary action rates (SAR) in real-time with proprietary algorithms.

CLICK TO View APPROVED ad 300 x 250.

CLICK TO View APPROVED ad 320 x 50.

Targeted Audiences:

  • MLS segments (all)
  • Dads
  • GenX
  • Grocery Shoppers
  • Male Grocery Shoppers
  • Millennials
  • Millennial Parents
  • Recent Auto Repair Visitors
  • Recently Moved
  • Suburban Moms
  • Big City Moms
  • Working Moms
  • Young Professionals

Important question to address:

1. What is the start and end dates of your campaign?

A: Your campaign will start ASAP with in roughly 2 to 3 weeks of your purchase.
Campaigns start on the 1st and 15th of the month following your purchase.
If your purchased on the 1st -the 14th your campaign will start on or by the 1st of the following month.
If your purchase on the 15th through the last day of the given month your campaign will start on or by the 15th of the following month.

2. What comes with my subscription?
A:  50,000 initial and then  quarterly  mobile  delivery / views (DV).
Campaigns are populated quarterly with 50,000 more rollover delivery / views (DV).

3. How am I Charged?
A: You are charge $100 for the set up of your account and ad.
Set up include your State, City, and Target URL to be added to the ad.
Your ad size includes 300 x 250 & 320 x 50

The $500 will charge quarterly until canceled.
Once a quarter we will repopulate your campaign with 50,000 more delivery / views (DV).

4. Can I change State or City my campaign is running in?
A: Yes just give us 2 week notice before the 1st day of the upcoming month.

5. If I want to run in multiple cities can I break down the 50,000 delivery / views (DV).
No, there is a min. of 50,000 delivery / views (DV) per city.

6. Can I purchase additional city's?
Yes you will need to purchase another Geo Target Lead Subscription package.

7. Can I change my Geo target Package to a different product package?
No, Once a package is set up for example Life it can not be changed to a Health campaign or any other product  package.

8. Do I need to have a LTQ subscription to participate in a Geo lead subscription?
No, you can use any target URL and run the campaign.
You will find value by having a LTQ subscription to manage leads to customers and by utilizing the Replica and Lead Capture pages as your target URL .

9. Does Life Time Quote offer contract with Carriers?
No, we do not offer contracts and agent who work with us,
Any agent or organization using our programs are free to find contracts where they want.
We work with Agents, IMOS, Brokerages and other organization to provide software and marketing solution only.

 10. Can I cancel and how do I cancel?
A: To cancel you must give email notification to us with in 2 weeks of the first of an up coming month. Your Campaign will stop ASAP. 
There is no partial refunds. We will simply stop charging you for the upcoming billing cycle and any remaining delivery / views (DV) will be lost. 

11. What happens to any reaming 50,000 delivery / views (DV) when I cancel?
Any remaining 50,000 delivery / views (DV) will either run in-till the campaign is complete and reached zero delivery / views (DV) or the campaign will stop ASAP and any remaining delivery / views (DV) will be lost.

12. What does a successful campaign look like?
  1. We will Target by Audience.
    This means we will set up the campaign to target based on the location they have visited.
    e.g. People who have been in MLS listing / open house.
  2. We will target by Device type.
    e.g. Mobile
  3. This will specify where the ad group will be shown .
  4. Finally we will build out the campaign by selecting: 
    Audiences & location filters within your State, City & zip code, and choose the Optimization strategy ( Delivery / views )
  • We have built Compliance approved creative  templates. (  300 x 250 & 320 x 50)
  • One default Ad temples is included in each subscription
  • Additional or different templates maybe purchased separate and replace the default template for a campaigns.
  • Templates are named xxxtemplate  ( Product Type )

We customize each with the Agent / agency Information and State License number and target URL.

The temples are pre-approved by compliance for specific carriers so there will be no additional customization allowed. 

All ad templates are designed with the agent or agencies click though URL directing the lead to your Replica page or other target URL if given to us.

Replica pages are designed so you can add a unique URL to the summit button of the Replica Quote Request.

When your Lead click "Get instant Quote" your lead can be directed to the default page or a specific quote engine.
It is when they Click "Get Instant Quote" that the Leads information is captured into your LTQ back office.

** It is up to you the agent to manage Replica Submit URL targeting. View Tutorial video on setting up

Process: ( for Bestow life product )

  1. Lead Views ad
  2. Lead Clicks ad
  3. Lead Runs Quote
  4. Lead has ability to apply and buy. Fast decision with no medical life sales.
  5. If Lead runs quote it is your lead at Bestow and Bestow will reach out VIA mail to attempt to close the sale.
  6. You will also have the Leads information and be able to contact the lead.

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