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Term Life Insurance

•10, 15, 20, 25, 30 year level term options

•Between $20K-$2M in life insurance coverage

•Issue ages 20 - 65

•Guaranteed renewable

•Guaranteed level premium

•No medical exam — ever with our 123 apply / instant decition quote engine!

Whole Life Insurance

•Benefit amounts from $1,000 to $30,000

•Issue ages 66-85

•Guaranteed leve premium, which means the rate you get today will never go up (as long as you keep up with payments).

•Depending on elegibilityand state availability, your death benefit will either kick in immediatly or after 2-3 years time to cover death from illness, desease, or old age. All accidental deaths are covered immediatly.

•No medical exam — ever with our 123 apply / instant decition quote engine!

Help protect your family

The death benefit from a term life insurance policy could provide some income replacement for your loved ones when they need it most.  With multiple term lenghts and a wide range of coverage amounts to choose from, you can select a life insurance policy that works best for you. Every term life insurance policy we offer includes level monthly premiums that never increase over the course of the policy. Product type, benfit amount, and elegibility may vary by carrier.

Whole life insurance: Age and health issues make it difficult for some to gain access to life insurance. That is why we partner and offer whole life insurance. It helps your loved ones cover expenses such as funeral cost, outstanding debt, and other day-to-day cost.  If your age 66 to 85 you can get approved in minutes with out a medical exam, regarless of your medical history. Simply answer a few health questions. With a secure rate that never increases, you are covered for life

Peace of mind

Knowing you’ve taken a step to help protect your family’s future finances could give you some needed peace of mind.
Great for people who are 66+ and want to leave their loved ones with enough money to help cover end of life cosr life funeral expenses and outstanding loans (or anything else).

Get your quote instantly

Start with a fast, free quote. If eligible, you could have coverage as soon as today. That’s right. Today.


Term life insurance
vs. permanent life insurance

There are plenty of options when it comes to life insurance products, but the two primary types of life insurance are called term life insurance and whole life insurance. Which one is right for you? Well, like all financial decisions, it depends.

Term VS Permanent life insurance


A term life policy provides a set amount of coverage for a period of time that you select when you buy it. That’s the “term.” It can range from 5, 10, even 30 years

PERMANENT COVERAGE Permanent coverage is just that. It lasts your entire life until you pass away, which, spoiler alert, happens to everyone.
PERMANENT FEATURES Some Permanent life insurance also has a cash value element.
TERM COST Term life insurance typically costs less than whole life as a general rule, partly because the coverage lasts for a specific period of time
PERMANENT COST Permanent life insurance tends to cost much more than term life as a general rule


If you have insurance questions, we have answers.

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What is term life insurance?  It’s all in the name. The “term” refers to a specific period of time that you want to be covered. So, if an insurer approves you for a 10 year term, you’ll pay a monthly premium and have coverage through the end of the term (10 years, in this example). If you were to pass away during your term, your beneficiaries would receive a lump sum payment of the coverage amount.
How much life insurance do I need?  This is a personal choice that depends on a lot of factors. How many people depend on your income? Do you have a mortgage? Will you be funding your child’s college education? Take stock of current and planned expenses and then factor in how many years of income replacement you might want to leave behind to accommodate those expenses. Think of it like providing your family a financial runway should they find themselves without you.
Should I get 20 or 30-year term life insurance?  This depends on your financial obligations. Maybe you just took out a 30-year mortgage. Perhaps you want to help ensure your child is taken care of even if you pass away. Take a good long look at your circumstances and your plan for the future, and that should help you arrive at some answers.



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